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5-16-23 - Segment Your Email List for More Clicks

May 16, 2023 Adam Hewitt
Small Biz Flash
5-16-23 - Segment Your Email List for More Clicks
Show Notes


Many small businesses use email marketing to reach prospects and customers.  But a common mistake is to not segment the list to better target the recipients with messaging and offers they will respond to.  Numerous studies have shown that segmenting your email list and customizing the messages to each segment increases click-through-rates.



Confidence among small business owners fell to a decade low last month, according to the latest monthly data from the National Federation of Independent Business.

The Wall Street Journal/Vistage survey of small business owners found somewhat similar results.

Nearly half of small businesses, at 48%, prioritize digital-first marketing, according to Bank of America’s 2023 Small Business Owner Report.

Thousands of small businesses have started a side hustle in the RV industry as a way to make some extra cash.


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