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5-23-23 - Avoid 2 Big Mistakes Companies Make Hiring for Sales

May 23, 2023 Adam Hewitt
Small Biz Flash
5-23-23 - Avoid 2 Big Mistakes Companies Make Hiring for Sales
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Sales is a foundational to the success of your small business.  No sales means no revenue, which means no business.  But many small businesses struggle to get sales right.  And as they scale, they make costly mistakes, like hiring just one heavy hitter or promoting a hire performer into the sales manager role just because he/she has good numbers.  Today, we talk to expert about how a fractional sales approach can help.

Today’s guest is David Lusk, of Evergreen Sales Group:

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Listeners of the show will get free access to the sales personnel assessment tool Willset Core Motivation Analysis, just by contacting David.



As negotiations continue in Washington over raising the national debt ceiling, there are fears about the fallout to small businesses if a deal isn’t reached.

Small businesses are slowing down their hiring.

Despite the challenging times, or perhaps because of them, small business owners are looking for growth opportunities.  A poll found that 51% of owners have growth-oriented objectives.


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