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12-5-23 - SBA Resources You Need to Know About

December 05, 2023 Adam Hewitt
Small Biz Flash
12-5-23 - SBA Resources You Need to Know About
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You’re probably familiar with Small Business Administration loans.  SBA loans, as they are commonly called, are partially backed by the federal government.

But there are other resources the SBA offers, some of which aren’t well known, which can benefit your company.  We’re going to discuss just a few today.


Assistance for small businesses with procuring federal contracts

America’s Seed Fund

SBA Business Guide

SBA Events

2023 Small Business Resource Guide



1 - Small business owners are less optimistic about this year’s Christmas shopping season than they’ve been in the past.

2 - The US House of Representatives voted last week to overturn a rule by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau requiring banks to collect small business owners’ demographic information when they seek a loan.

3 - According to the Federal Reserve’s most recent quarterly survey of senior loan officers, lending standards applied to small businesses have tightened significantly since last year.


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